Dalton, AK -- Sept. 12, 2000 -- State medical examiners on Monday identified bones found in remote Randolph County as those of 8-year-old Felicia Elliot, whose family was murdered in July 1998.

The bones were found on Friday and investigators worked over the weekend at the site. The remains were confirmed to be that of the girl on Monday, state police said.

Felicia's whereabouts had been a mystery since July 30, 1998, when the bodies of Lisa Elliott, 27, and her 7-year-old son Gregory (story on page 99) were discovered by police at the family's home in Dalton, a few miles south of the Missouri border.

Two days later the body of Carl Elliott, 30, was found in the Eleven Point River. All were murdered, police said.

``This certainly solves one mystery,'' Arkansas State Police Sgt. Stan Witt said. ``The whole time, we've wondered where Felicia was, and tragically now we know the answer to that.''

State police were not releasing other details of what the bones revealed.

In July, state police added Felicia's case to a section on unsolved crimes on the agency's Internet site. The site said the girl was missing and that ``investigators presume she was kidnapped and possibly later murdered.''

Police said Carl Elliott was a suspect in the case until his body was found and an autopsy determined he also was murdered, shot at least once in the head.

When the bones were located, at least 10 state police investigators joined members of the Randolph County Sheriff's Office, and a criminal forensic anthropologist at the site. Police said a hunter found the remains.

Witt said further details, including where the bones were found, were not released to protect the investigation.


Dalton, AK -- Aug. 5, 1998 -- Gregory Elliott, along with his mother, Lisa Elliot, were found beaten to death in their home. His father, Carl Elliott was found beaten and shot to death in a nearby river.
Gregory's sister, 9-year-old Felicia, was taken from the home and never found. She is listed in the directory of the National Directory of Missing and Exploited Children.

No arrests have been made.