Atlanta, GA -- Feb. 9, 2001 -- The Fulton County medical examiner has ruled that a bagged, discarded baby boy found in the driveway of a southwest Atlanta home Wednesday was murdered.

The autopsy on the baby showed he died of blunt force trauma. Tests show the child may have been only hours old when he died.

Atlanta police say they already have leads and tips on the identification of the woman who gave birth to the baby.

Wilford Howell found the body outside his home in the Westlake area near the MARTA station. Howell had noticed the trash bag to the side of his driveway when he came home Wednesday night. He later noticed someone had moved the bag to the middle of his driveway.

"When he went to pick it up to put it in the trash, the baby's head popped out," said Howell's wife, Doris.